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WHY IS WEB4EX Solution ?

WEB4EX Solution is a fast growing Chennai based Software consulting company providing the IT Services to all the major clients on all competitive technologies. The company is started by a team of young professionals having vast experience in different technologies and business domains. The Company offers a wide range of services such as Consultation, Solutions, Development, Training, Research, and Support to match any business requirements.

The company will understand more about one’s own capacity and weaknesses and based on these our technology will deal the trainees. We know our goals. To achieve our goals i.e.) giving training in all the supplementary courses related to software field to the needy people in a clear way without any doubts by using latest technologies structures, systems and procedures available with us.


For achieving our goals we are preparing data’s to meet the trainees

  • Learning online 100%
  • Learn everything you want
  • Learn from expert
  • Training internal HR

Some important facts about us





interface friendly learning at WEB4EX Solution

Completely a Job Oriented Practical Training, which covers the respective technology starting from the very basic and walks the advanced level and, therefore, it gives a deep level of knowledge in the respective technology.

  • Real time project execution training for freshers in IT industry. This course is very useful for those who has only theory knowledge but not the practical experience. By attending this training the trainee can get real time exposure and he can face the interviews confidently.
  • Identify the training goals and learning objectives before you start designing the course. This ensures that all team members are on the same page, work towards a common goal, and focus their efforts to achieve similar objectives.
  • Learning is an active process and as such, learning anything involves participation. This provides the buy-in necessary to connect with content and reinforce practical skills. Trainers need to promote learner interaction in order to help the learners succeed and to feel part of the process.
  • We are offering exclusive corporate cum placement training programs to get employed easily.

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